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English: Picture of graves decorated with flag...

Picture of graves decorated with flags at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day

First, I would like to say that I hope you had an enjoyable 3 day weekend, which included Memorial Day, in which if you are so inclined to do so, and I hope you are, you took a moment and gave thanks to those men and women who have put their own safety on the line to ensure that we stay safe, and free, and able to do things like enjoy Video Games. After taking that moment if you did not to recognize their sacrifice, we have some great news for you.

It was announced by ArenaNet today that the next Guild Wars 2 Beta event will be happening starting June 8th at 3pm EST and continuing until June 11th at 3am [source]. They went on to say how much the help given by the community has meant to them, and how happy they are to be getting close and closer to the release of the game. If you have not as of yet, pre-purchase your copy today and join us in the beta!


(Released Friday, May 18th 2012)
Suburban slum in Cairo

BloodEagle’s ghetto hangout

This weeks show was brought to you by Word to ya Motha!, a new energy drink being sold by that outstanding company We Ain’t real. That’s right, you, our dear listeners get to witness first hand what happens when a Native American attempts to gain street cred by going full on Ghetto, and failing miserably. Do not fret though, as what I lack in street cred I more than make up for in Gaming cred, although I am not even sure what that is, or if it exists, but if it does, I am chock full of it! This weeks episode sees some impressions of The Secret World, a bit more about Guild Wars 2, and then we highlight some companies making what we feel to be bad decisions. With our new, upcoming changes, we will start doing reviews, and I wanted to ask you, the people, what it is you want to see in a review done by us. Obviously we will never accept money or kickbacks for reviews, nor will we succumb to pressure by developers to do a favorable review, but I would like to know what things in a review make you sit up and take notice, as we get set to start designing our review process. The one thing we have settled on is that each review will be done three times, once by each of us, because we feel that each of us have different likes and dislikes, and will bring something different to each game that we do review. With that aside, do you want to see a 5 star system, a 10 point system, or maybe even a 100 point analysis?


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In this episode…TSW’s first beta weekend happens, GW2 gets stressed, Bioware is afraid of making you angry, 38 Studios misses a loan payment, and Blizzard screws up. All of this and more will be covered on Link Dead Gaming. […]