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Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 gets a voice

We all know at this point that there will be a Mass Effect 3 extended cut DLC, free for anyone playing the game, and set to help players finally close Mass Effect like it should be, but we have not know any of the particulars till now. It is now known that the voice actors for Admiral Hackett (Lance Henriksen), EDI (Tricia Helfer), and Kaiden (Raphael Sbrage) have signed on to help us end the saga. We still have a bit longer to wait, but it is slated to come out this summer.

Here is our hope that the rest of the cast will sign on as well, to give the Commander Shepard the send away he deserves. Keep your eyes peeled here as we will tell you more as it develops.


Diablo 3‘s woes continue
The five character classes of Diablo III. L-R ...

The five character classes of Diablo III. L-R Wizard, witch doctor, demon hunter, barbarian and monk.

After all of the trouble that Diablo 3 has faced since its release, you would think by now that the great Gaming Powers that Be would cut it a break and allow it to rest a bit. Sadly that is not in the stars, so to speak.  It has been reported today at that there are rumors flying of a new problem for those players enjoy Diablo 3. It appears that hackers are stealing accounts and taking items and gold, which is pretty much stock in trade, but what makes this story bizarre is that Blizzard Entertainment uses an authenticator to protect against these types of attacks.

What we are hearing is that even players who have and use the authenticator religiously are also being hacked, and wiped clean, which would be an indicator that the authenticators are doing very little indeed to stop the cyber thieves.  At this point the only warning we can give players is to log in daily, check your account, and if you notice anything out-of-place, notify Blizzard immediately so they can get right on fixing your account for you. Also, change your password. The setup that I have always used is as follows. Make sure your password has at least one capital letter (exmpl: H T P), at least one lower case letter, at least one number, and at least one special symbol (exmpl % * @) which will make it much harder for cyber criminals to figure out your information.