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Today Curt Schilling, 38 Studios founder, posted more screens of Project Copernicus on Facebook. He went on to say..

Images from the most magical, breathtaking and awe inspiring world ever created. Images I was “allowed” to peek at along the way, when the team wanted us all to see the magical world we were building.

Project Copernicus was/is the MMO 38 Studios was working on. Personally, the game looks quite excellent. It breaks my heart to see a MMO that may have a lot of potential  – potentially flushed due to the current fallout in 38 Studios. Why Mr. Schilling decided to posts these screens is beyond me. Perhaps to spark buzz for the game to be picked up by another dev. Time will tell the fate of this MMO.

For those who do not use Facebook, I took the liberty of posting some here for you. Enjoy. Tell us what you think.


Over at All Games Beta, The Elder Scrolls MMO is getting quite a bit of attention — thanks to some pretty sexy screenshots. Obviously, it’s still early for the game. WAY early. However, having something for the player to see right now is a nice move. So what to you think? I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, TES MMO. Here are a few shots from Be sure to check them out.