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Your hosts Bloodeagle, Chaelura, Galvion, and GalvionGaming’s own IronDeity try and slay their way through the undead hordes. Sort of.

(Released Friday, April 27th 2012)

Saint GabeN the 1st

This week’s show brought about some great ideas Like PayPal, Saint GabeN day, and being able to make choices. We apologize if news has been a bit light on the site this last week, as there are many things going on in the background, that we will be able to tell you about soon. Although things may be happening behind the scenes, we are still dedicated to bringing you the best darn Podcast on the net each and every week. All of us are gearing up for 3 days straight of gaming via Guild Wars 2, in which we were wishing they would release the game as is so our lives can end and we can get along with playing the game already! In the meantime, everyone is sitting back, playing some other great games., and looking for the beta to start. If you wish to join us for some Beta fun, we will be on the Maguuma server, US of course. See you there, and until then, we hope you enjoy the show.


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In this episode…Star Wars loses subs…no it doesn’t, YOU’VE BEEN HACKED!..uh, 2 years ago, Steampod is just a thing of dreams, MMOs and TV make sweet, sweet love, and EA starts with the lay-offs. All of this and more will be covered on Link Dead Gaming. […]