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LDG has Moved!

You are reading this correctly. We here at Link Dead Gaming are more than pleased to present to you our new fangled, handy dandy website located at Some of you have been using that address the entire time, and will see it when you go to where you have always gone, while others of you that visited us through wordpress will find us there. While we love, and all of the things they did for us, there are just certain things we needed that can only be gotten through a site.  We hope to see all the faces over there with us, and hopefully some new ones as well, as we grow bigger and better in order to bring you the best of PC gaming news.


English: Picture of graves decorated with flag...

Picture of graves decorated with flags at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day

First, I would like to say that I hope you had an enjoyable 3 day weekend, which included Memorial Day, in which if you are so inclined to do so, and I hope you are, you took a moment and gave thanks to those men and women who have put their own safety on the line to ensure that we stay safe, and free, and able to do things like enjoy Video Games. After taking that moment if you did not to recognize their sacrifice, we have some great news for you.

It was announced by ArenaNet today that the next Guild Wars 2 Beta event will be happening starting June 8th at 3pm EST and continuing until June 11th at 3am [source]. They went on to say how much the help given by the community has meant to them, and how happy they are to be getting close and closer to the release of the game. If you have not as of yet, pre-purchase your copy today and join us in the beta!

There is a story floating around over at Kotaku [source] stating that a poster was photographed at Fry’s in Texas showing the release date for Guild Wars 2 being June 28th, and that the Collector’s Edition pre-order is available until May 30th. It is known throughout the industry that many retailers use placeholder dates (Gamestop shows its release date as being June 26th) in order to show something on their books for games that will be released. The difference here though is that having an easily changed number in a computer costs much less that having physical posters created and distributed.

When ArenaNet was reached for comment, they stated the following: “We have not released an official launch date within 2012 as feedback from our closed and open marketing betas will help us determine an exact release date. We will release Guild Wars 2 when it is ready.”

So for those of you who have had the chance to play the beta, do you think it is ready for a June 28th release? Also, do you believe that a company would go through the trouble of printing out posters if they did not know?



The Exiled Realm of Arborea

Castanic, seen in Tera

The new MMO TERA has been polarizing in the fact of its combat style, grind or no grind, Politics, and even the amount of skin it shows. However, I believe that it’s most polarizing aspect would have to be one of its races called the Elin. These animal ear and tail sporting ” little girls” appear very cute, and adorable, like you would want your daughter or grand-daughter to be, well, maybe minus the animal parts. The thing that makes them so polarizing though it their choice of clothing. FrogSter decided to clothe them in attire that would make most people blush, and some a little hot under to collar, were the clothes on an adult female. The players of the game have been going back and forth over the issue of whether this happens to be a usual product of Eastern market MMOs, or whether this is just bait to make Western market paedophiles want to play the game more.

Because of this decision, it was decided to leave the Eastern game as is, while covering up the Western MMO Elin. Of course this has sparked anger, resentment, happiness, and every other emotion you can think of. Even the personalities of our own show have opinions. When asked about it, Galvion will get angry, saying they should not look like little girls wearing stripper clothing with wide, child-bearing hips. BloodEagle thinks that if you take the virtual character as it is, and play it for the artistic content, that it is not bad, but if you are looking at it in any sort of sexual way, you are a pervert, and Chaelura has stayed silent on the subject thus far. I did read somewhere that the consenting age in South Korea and Japan is 13, as opposed to the 16-18 range in the United States.

Frogster sat down with Eurogamer [source] and explained why it did what it did in an interview. It is worth the read if you have feelings on the subject in any way.

I am providing a video for you to look at, and we would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject. Do you believe that they are opening up the door for something wicked, or do you believe they did the right thing in censoring like they did.