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(Released FRIDAY, April 20th 2012)
Deutsch: Angelina Jolie bei der Premiere von A...

Angelina Jolie

We had one of the many LDG Special Correspondents join us this week, Ivanhoe, fresh off his trip to the PAX East 2012. He wowed us with tales of games and Booth Babes, as well as some upcoming games. With many things happening to LDG, we got a chance to engage the fans, talk about some video games made into movies, as well as our shared love for Angelina Jolie. There were a bunch of good stories this week, and we ran through them a little quicker to try to fit under our 1 hour limit we have given ourselves. As usual, Michel had a great email to share with us that gave us a good reason to get a discussion going, and you can easily see from the picture to the right who won. Chaelura asked us about some video game quotes, and Galvion asked about our favorite weapon. As usual, we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy attempting to entertain you.


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In this episode…Your life is about to end, thanks to Guild Wars 2, Namco has balls of steel, EA allows you to play the games you paid for, The new Appeam console coming to you, and Link Dead Gaming gains some Steam. All of this and more will be covered on Link Dead Gaming. […]



(Released FRIDAY, April 13th 2012)

This week saw us getting tons of site visits and audience feedback, and we appreciate every single bit of it.Both myself and Chaelura did a bit of cussing this week, which is usually reserved for Galvion, and he did not do too much of it at all…… Star Wars: The Old Republic released patch 1.2,Mass Effect 3 released the “Resurgence Pack” and Capcom is soon to be releasing a $1300 jacket. We had a blast this week, talked about the news, answered a few questions for the Audience, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

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Episode 7

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In this episode…Bioware cuts PVP, and they hope you like it….The Secret World is Innovative…Bioware perhaps dabbles in false advertising…Capcom STILL wants your money…Crysis 3 has sprung a leak…and Mass Effect 3 resurges. All of this and more will be covered on Link Dead Gaming. […]