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LDG has Moved!

You are reading this correctly. We here at Link Dead Gaming are more than pleased to present to you our new fangled, handy dandy website located at Some of you have been using that address the entire time, and will see it when you go to where you have always gone, while others of you that visited us through wordpress will find us there. While we love, and all of the things they did for us, there are just certain things we needed that can only be gotten through a site.  We hope to see all the faces over there with us, and hopefully some new ones as well, as we grow bigger and better in order to bring you the best of PC gaming news.

Today, Link Dead Gaming is proud to announce and unveil its first of many changes on the way. After more of a wait then I thought possible, our new Logo has arrived, and we can all quit flinching at the horrible logo that I designed myself with Gimp. Keep in mind that this is just the first of the changes that will be taking place, and the others should be rolling out soon.


Although humans begin Guild Wars 2 on the back...

Although humans begin Guild Wars 2 on the back foot, significant technological advances have taken place in the years since Guild Wars.

This past weekend, ArenaNet was kind enough to allow anyone who had pre-purchased the game to beta test the upcoming game, Guild Wars 2. In wanted to do a quick article about what I thought was amazing, what I thought needed a bit of work, and what I thought was horrible. My wife and I started Charr characters together, her an Elementalist and myself an Engineer, with me also playing a Norn Ranger and a Human Necromancer. There is SO many details that I do not want to bore you with all of them, so I will hit things as detailed as I can, and move on. I will say ahead of time that I can be considered a Guild Wars 2 fanboy, but will do my best to keep all of my thoughts impartial to my bias.

The Good

The character creation, which is a 10 step process, allowed me to pick the race, gender and appearance of my character, then ask me a series of questions that would guide my character’s story from beginning to end. The way this id done with giving you choices let me feel like I was in control, and also, as an RPer, allowed me to have a solid backstory for my character at the very beginning.

Many little things you would not think of make the game so much more enjoyable! When your character stands on an incline, his legs bend and do not clip into the ground as he stands straight. Water reflections are amazing, and give you a sense of depth.

The way they have approached combat I thought was innovative, and allows for alot of customization of your playstyle. You can play as a melee mage if you like by using two daggers instead of a staff. By going through and learning all of the attacks with all of the weapons, you can decide a favorite to use most of the time, and even a backup in case you want to do a different type of damage.

The art design and graphics are just simply amazing. The world feels vibrant and alive with color, shadows, things floating in the air, and environments that do not feel plopped down.

The conversations between you and certain NPCs, where you are speaking directly to one another (via voice acting), with a piece of concept art behind you made it feel more intimate.

Not having quest hubs where you go to one spot and pickup all your quests to run into the wilderness to complete them, only to come back, turn them in, and then move to the next hub. Being able to see where all events were taking place on your map, or running into them as you ran by felt alot more intuitive.

The ability to dye your clothes, whenever you like, to change your look.

The ability to head back to any waypoint anywhere in the world that you have visited before without a cool down for just a small bit of money.


The Bad

Some of the differences of the races may have you not liking the game at the onset, which may cause people to give up before trying another race.

The guild system, while interesting in its design, feels clunky in some ways, like not knowing how to promote people.

Not knowing that you can hide your hat and shoulders.

Overflow server splitting up your party. I have no problem with the idea of an overflow server, I just wish it would take your entire party, then place all of you back in the main realm at the same time.

The amount of lag that was experienced during some of the Dynamic Events when more than 12-15 people would show up.

I thought I would have more than that, but there was not much I found too bad.


The Ugly

This one could be a deal breaker to many…. My wife and I game as a duo and have for years. If we start on different phases of the same area, I am cool with that. When we invite one another, we expect to have an easy way to join our spouse. Not having anything at all to allow us to join our friends, loved ones, etc is completely unacceptable! I will admit I did find a pseudo work around in the form of heading back and forth to the PVP area until it spit me into the same phase as she was in, around 4-5 tries, till we were able to group and play together.

When we are in a story instance together and leave, and only one of us gets moved to the overflow realm, we are both stuck until the other comes back, because we like to keep our questing and story lines together. If you are going to move us at all, take the whole party, and then move us back as a party.

As I said at the beginning, my wife and I started out as Charr. She loved the characters themselves, but hated the whole Charr experience so much, the dark areas, the bleak outlook on everything, that she almost quit. It was only when I convinced her to make the same classes as Norn that she started enjoying the game immensely and is now happy she gave it that second chance.

That leaves me with a fear that because the game is SO different from everything else that is out there, or has ever been out there, that many people may give up and not give it the chance it deserves before quitting. I hope that ANet will do something to encourage new players to check around, try all the different races to see which they like before heading off on their adventure.



All in all, I was richly rewarded for my patience in the game, and I cannot wait to get into the next beta, or better yet release, and lose myself in the fun to be had.


So what were your thoughts and experiences? Do you feel the way I do, or think I am smoking Anet crack?

This is only a test….

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A Screenshot from an Emergency Broadcast Syste...

This is only a test

– Not even an actual podcast (Released Mar 1st 2012)

This is just a small test I put together in order to vet the recording, the mixing, and the sound quality. Please do not consider this as our first Podcast, which will be coming very soon, just consider this a small excerpt of what it takes to make one, and make it successful.

In this minisode, I lay down our theme music, a quick pseudo-intro and a small bit of the recording we did when we were attempting to check recording and mics. I finish it up by completing it with our theme music once again.