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Around these parts of the net and news, LDG pretty much exclusively covers only PC games. Today, I feel like talking about something totally awesome. A post-apocalyptic game by Naughty Dog (Uncharted) called The Last of Us for the PS3. I’ve heard a lot about this game, but I did not know a whole lot about it. Until today. A new trailer was dropped and it was a frisson fest if I’ve ever had one. So, for your enjoyment – the trailer after the jump.



The guys over at broke the news that “More than two million players pre-ordered the highly anticipated action RPG”… I have to say that is a lot. Despite the launch day emergence maintenance.
You can read the whole article here .

So over here at LDG, none of us have decided to ride the crazy train, Diablo 3. Personally, I feel nothing could ever live up to Diablo 2 in terms of epicness and longevity. After I heard about last night’s disastrous server nonsense, I had a idea! For those of you who are playing, I would love to hear your thoughts. Likes and dislikes. Perhaps you can sway my decision. I want a battle royal between those who love Diablo 3 and despise it. Go!

Always on internet required was good idea right… right?