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(Released March 30th 2012)
World of Warcraft Cosplay Girls

World of Warcraft Cosplay Girls

This week we were lucky enough to experience our first technical glitch, which of course would be nice enough to no manifest itself during the show, but instead wait until I was in post production to show up. Because of this huge problem, I was forced to cut the Star Wars: The Old Republic remainder of the 1.2 patch notes out of the broadcast, which if you were looking forward to them, I sincerely apologize. This week we got into quite the discussion regarding the free to play, pay to play, and buy to play model. There was great points discussed all around, and I believe we all came out of it with an open mind…and only a few scars. I am going to work on perhaps getting a three-way interview with devs in the gaming industry where we can spend an entire show discussing the differences of each type, their pros and cons, and what we have to look forward to in the future. Tune in next week to a hopefully bug free show!

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Episode 5

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On this episode…Guild Wars 2 makes you batty for beta, World of Warcraft has plans to make you pay for a long time to come, Call of Duty loses its face, Assassin’s Creed hero will not have boobs, and EA makes you stay connected. All of this and more will be covered on Link Dead Gaming. […]