The Hosts


    The first question that is usually asked of BloodEagle is where his name comes from and/or if he took it from the old hit FPS Tribes. BloodEagle is actually a Native American, of  Cherokee descent, and uses his real name both in real life as well as his video game persona. He does not have a last name, which has caused more than its fair share of confusion over the years.

BloodEagle has been gaming for a very long time and has played almost any type of video game you can imagine. As far as beta testing goes, he has been lucky enough to be included in every AAA MMO beta test (and quite a few that are not) as well as some non MMO beta tests. He hopes to be able to share his knowledge, as well as learn some new things, from the audience at large.

BloodEagle is also the founder and leader of a gaming organization, also called a guild, that has been around since 1996. The guild has been one of the few that has stuck around as long as it has, staring with Meridian 59 and moving through every MMO you can imagine, as well as playing FPS, RTS, RPG, and a plethora of other games together.

Currently Playing:
Star Wars: The Old Republic
Tribes: Ascend
Mass Effect 3
A couple of hush-hush betas

Ever since Chaelura was a wee girl she has, sadly, lacked any extraordinary powers.

She is incapable of waxing a cacodemon with a plasma gun, downright pathetic at executing a spinning bird kick, inept at piloting her way out of an exploding mine, stupefied when contemplating disarming an atom bomb, and decidedly fragile when tested with a 10-story fall… although she was perhaps lacking the proper gear for that. A particularly elusive gnoll always manages to swat her about like a ragdoll before she can stick a sword in it. And, lacking major psychological issues, a certain town and its illusory inhabitants had no wish for her presence, uttering a collective “meh” at the very idea.

There was simply nothing for these glaring deficiences but to indulge in complete and total escapism.

Also, swooping is bad.

Currently Playing:

  • Descent
  • Aion


Since he was a primordial ooze, Galvion has loved video games. His first game was Ghosts and Goblins. Many a day and night was spent in front of the family TV. As the years past, Galvion honed his skills.

Whether it was in deathmatch in Quake (becoming a master of strafe jumping) or saving the World of Balance in Final Fantasy VI, Galvion made gaming a lifestyle.

Fancying himself as a nerd extraordinaire, Galvion brain is a cesspool of: various pop culture references, music, movies, and gaming knowledge. This extends far beyond the capacity of mortal men… and his favorite games of all time are: Majora’s Mask and Final Fantasy VIII

Fair warning though… his mouth tends to get him into trouble. Be it spouting out obscenities or offending people, Galvion speaks what is on his mind.  

Games he is currently playing:
Castlevania: SOTN
Mass Effect 2 and ME3 Multiplayer 

What Galvion is good at:


Terran and Protoss
Spicy food
Tower Defense games
Peanut butter and cheese bagels
Beef stroganoff
Red lights
Magical girl anime
A**hole drivers
The velocity of an unladen Swallow



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