[Update] BioWare Austin Layoffs – Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid Included

Posted: May 23, 2012 by Galvion in Gaming
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In yesterday’s post , I spoke about BioWare’s recent layoffs. A part of those layoffs included the senior online community manager, Stephen Reid, a.k.a. Rockjaw. He spoke out on his twitter account about the rumors of him being a part of the layoffs. Sadly he confirmed:

Today my life’s next chapter starts. Lost track of how many chapters so far… but time to turn the page.
I was one of those affected by layoffs at BioWare Austin yesterday. I got to build an amazing team while I was there, and miss them already.
I’m also going to miss #SWTOR and the community we created. Sure, I know some of you hated me, but hey, I still worked hard for you.
I’ll be Twitter-quiet for a bit, but I’ll be back soon-ish. Doing something, somewhere, and talking about it here. I hope we keep talking.
Last but not least: I was quiet for the last couple of weeks because I was full-on devoted to #SWTOR character transfer. It’s still coming!
Now I’ve got to go, because you don’t want to see a grown man cry on Twitter. Also, I don’t know the emoticon for it.
Don’t lose faith. They’re still devoted to making a great game.
It’s a wide-open space right now. Big, full of possibilities, and scary as hell. Thanks for everything guys.

What does this exactly mean for BioWare Austin’s restructuring plan? How did Stephen Reid fit? Many of these questions may never be answered. All know is: Losing your job is never easy, nor do some employees deserve it. Rest assured, Link Dead Gaming will be covering more of this story on Friday’s Podcast.

  1. I don’t know who this guy is, but that was a depressing read. 😦

    • Galvion says:

      I agree. He seemed like a genuine enough guy, and I get the impression he loved his job. I remember when I was playing TOR briefly, and reading his twitter often for updates and etc. Hard times, indeed.

    • BloodEagle says:

      He was actually one of the more well known faces of the SWTOR devs. It was him that I paid attention to and listened to for any news. To see him be laid off is sad, and makes me think that the management is getting rid of some of the wrong people. Perhaps shutting down my subscription when I did was a good thing.

  2. […] Bioware gives the axe to Rockjaw and more in Austin [42:35] […]

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