25th Anniversary of Street Fighter… Light Up Ryu Statue Included

Posted: May 23, 2012 by Galvion in Gaming
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It’s the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter already? I remember back in the day playing Alpha 3 with my brothers; gawking at the 2D animation and reveling in it’s glory.
In commemoration of the big two five, Capcom is celebrating the only way it can – having you give them money. After the Street Fighter x Tekken debacle, some fans may be inclined not to jump at the chance to get this piece of gaming history. The 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition is slated at an expected $150. [source]
If you ask me, the games included sound quite nice. No doubt some devoted Street Fighter fans out there will buy this. Will you?
The set even includes a light up Ryu statue! How ’bout that?
Here are the details…

Endless, endless stuff.

  1. Oh wow, that looks fantastic!

    If I had the income, I’d have gladly set aside some cash for this. 😦

  2. […] Street Fighter turns 25, and you have to pay them $150 to celebrate [58:12] […]

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