Episode 12 – BloodEagle gets GHETTO!

Posted: May 18, 2012 by BloodEagle in Gaming, Podcast, Video Games
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(Released Friday, May 18th 2012)
Suburban slum in Cairo

BloodEagle’s ghetto hangout

This weeks show was brought to you by Word to ya Motha!, a new energy drink being sold by that outstanding company We Ain’t real. That’s right, you, our dear listeners get to witness first hand what happens when a Native American attempts to gain street cred by going full on Ghetto, and failing miserably. Do not fret though, as what I lack in street cred I more than make up for in Gaming cred, although I am not even sure what that is, or if it exists, but if it does, I am chock full of it! This weeks episode sees some impressions of The Secret World, a bit more about Guild Wars 2, and then we highlight some companies making what we feel to be bad decisions. With our new, upcoming changes, we will start doing reviews, and I wanted to ask you, the people, what it is you want to see in a review done by us. Obviously we will never accept money or kickbacks for reviews, nor will we succumb to pressure by developers to do a favorable review, but I would like to know what things in a review make you sit up and take notice, as we get set to start designing our review process. The one thing we have settled on is that each review will be done three times, once by each of us, because we feel that each of us have different likes and dislikes, and will bring something different to each game that we do review. With that aside, do you want to see a 5 star system, a 10 point system, or maybe even a 100 point analysis?


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In this episode…TSW’s first beta weekend happens, GW2 gets stressed, Bioware is afraid of making you angry, 38 Studios misses a loan payment, and Blizzard screws up. All of this and more will be covered on Link Dead Gaming. […]

Current weeks discussion

Chaelura has been playing:

  • TSW weekend beta
  • Portal 2 Community Test Chambers

Galvion has been spending his time in:

  • Portal 2
  • Torchlight 2 beta
  • TSW beta

BloodEagle is messing around with :

  • Hush hush beta
  • Guild Wars 2 Stress Test
  • Portal 2
  • Rift
Next week’s game releases
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City         May 18, 2012
  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare                   May 22, 2012
  • Men In Black: Alien Crisis                                   May 22, 2012
This weeks Gaming News [18:14]
  • The Secret World Beta weekend impressions
    The Good:

    • Environments look amazing and detailed (especially with DX11)
    • Investigation missions are challenging, interesting, and fun (you really have to sleuth things out)
    • Lore is immersive; mission objects and clues are presented realistically (newspaper clippings, signposts, etc.)
    • Mobs are creepy and imaginative
    • Dialogue and writing are excellent
  • The Bad:
    • Female face choices are limited, and for the most part look bloody awful
    • Load times for zones can be very slow
    • Still some lag/performance issues (though of course, this is beta after all)
    • Solo instances can be brutal depending on your skill build
  • Unsure (no Ugly yet!  This is just beta):
    • Mission Limits – there is a limited number of missions you can pick up of a certain type at any given time; to re-initiate a mission you “paused”, you must return to the original giver to pick up on it again.  We are still trying to understand the rationale behind this decision…
  • Guild Wars 2 Stress Test [29:05]
  • Perhaps Bioware does not like to make the same mistake twice, asks for your input on Dragon Age 3 [33:46]
  • Game Dev 38 Studios is hot water [40:20]
  • Blizzard says “Uh, sorry about that” in regards to the Diablo 3 launch [44:46]
Audience Feedback [51:20]

From the site:
About TERA’s difference in the Eastern and Western Elin

In their comics (Japanese mangas are most widely known) you will often see the setting start out in the U.S. equivalent of middle school. That is essentially the ages 11-15. In the comics targeted for boys, there is usually one hyper-sexualized character who is in that age group who is usually on roid-rage in combat. I believe that’s what the ‘little girl’ race in TERA is trying to achieve.

Who in the hell thought “This MMO we’re working on needs something more appealing to the player, maybe we should… I know, let’s add 3 pixels of areola on the female characters, that’ll be awesome!” Like, really? THIS is wicked. That someone in the game dev team thought about adding some nipples in their game, and all the others agreed. But now the game is censored and you can’t uncensored it, so it’s all good, thank god for that.

About Diablo 3’s release
Sergi from Facebook
I have played many diablo clones, including Diablo3. D3 is a PERFECT Diablo clone. Don’t get me wrong its is an amazing game, even though it had a terrible launch, it has everything a good Diablo clone needs. It has the diablo atmosphere, the desperate need for one more level, flawless gameplay and Blizzard’s story but only one thing is bad, the game lacks soul, you can feel that it’s not diablo2, you can feel that it’s a commercial project, not a technological ( engineering ) marvel that made us so excited 12 years ago. I’d give it 85% if you compare it to D2; but if you compare it toall the Diablo clones it is a perfect game, solid 100%.

Michel from LDG website

A Normal playthrough should last between 7 and 12 hours if you’re a ‘casual’ person (and said ‘Normal’ difficulty is like really, really easy for a Diablo game according to the people who already beat the game.)

The Nightmare / Hell / Inferno difficulty are the only excuses for replayability, you’re supposed to get different and better loot in every playthroughs, you won’t find many healing items anymore, monsters get more HP etc. so it’s supposed to be challenging I guess.

About the chance at Guild Wars 2 being released on June 28th
From the LDG site
Downing says:

It very well may have been a test proof for the release just using a filler as u said. Print shops will often do physical test runs, sometimes hundreds at a time to get it just right.

SteadiestShark says:

I think the game can be ready for that date – however that’s only with regards to what I’ve already seen. I have no idea how finished/unfinished the stuff that isn’t in the beta-is, nor do I know how much content is supposed to be in the game.

gameshoes says:

I doubt that GW2 will be released in June. But if I’m wrong then I guess I would be happy.

From email:

Hey LDG crew,

If you could spend a day with someone super famous in the video game industry like, say, John Carmack, Gabe Newell, Peter Molyneux or David Hayter etc.
and have a friendly talk about the work he’s done in a video game you enjoyed (or any other topics of your choice), who would that be?



Shout Outs

Chaelura discussed a question/poll that will be coming up on her blog.

Galvion stated that Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Torchlight 2 beta footage will be up on our site this weekend.

We closed by listing all of the ways you can get ahold of us, which can be found here with the wish that you join us next week.

  1. Pretty good episode, I hadn’t really looked into TSW until after you guys talked about it in detail.

    Also, I can empathise with BloodEagle with regards to games feeling kinda dull compared to Guild Wars 2, however I still tried to fill the void by playing Dragon Age 2 – and boy is that game uninspired and overall pretty darned boring. Granted I’ve “only” sunk in around 8 hours, however I really don’t see it magically becoming a wild ride any time soon.

    Aside from that (and playing League of Legends), I finally wrote up my own review/impressions of the Guild Wars 2 beta, which can be found here: http://steadiestshark.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/guild-wars-2-beta-reviewfirst-impressions/

  2. gameshoes says:

    I want to know why Peter Molyneux overhypes his games and gives false promises.
    Also for Chaelura… you could always play Resident Evil 5. I don’t know if you could exactly write anything about it but yeah…

  3. iggyfh says:

    Bioware has long professed to be interested in feedback through the forums (or at least they’ve had that reputation), so for them to be more proactive in seeking it isn’t really a huge leap in my opinion. The blog question even links back to the forums. I do agree though that it would be disappointing to see a bunch of content that just got in because it was popular, but isn’t perhaps the best choice for gameplay or storytelling or whatever. Ultimately, I guess it will depend on what the next game is like. I honestly never really paid attention to all the gaming gossip on the internet prior to Mass Effect 3, and I apparently liked Dragon Age 2 more than the general consensus. For me, I don’t like hearing too much about a game before I play it because I like to see it as it comes and be surprised. I find myself poking around the internet more lately because I find I don’t really know what’s out and worth playing. It’s a fine line between looking for a reason to try something and just wanting to experience everything in the game as I play.

    • BloodEagle says:

      I have always had alot of faith in Bioware, and I guess I still do. Just because a company trips up now and again does not make the whole thing rotten, although it is a bit odd that is has been all of their most recent games that people have not been happy with. I tend to find something great in every game I play, so always hang onto those memories.

      It is my most sincere hope that whatever it is that has caused people to be unhappy with the latest round of Bioware offerings, that the company will continue to strive forward and do great things.

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