TERA’s naughty little girl debate…

Posted: May 15, 2012 by BloodEagle in Gaming
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The Exiled Realm of Arborea

Castanic, seen in Tera

The new MMO TERA has been polarizing in the fact of its combat style, grind or no grind, Politics, and even the amount of skin it shows. However, I believe that it’s most polarizing aspect would have to be one of its races called the Elin. These animal ear and tail sporting ” little girls” appear very cute, and adorable, like you would want your daughter or grand-daughter to be, well, maybe minus the animal parts. The thing that makes them so polarizing though it their choice of clothing. FrogSter decided to clothe them in attire that would make most people blush, and some a little hot under to collar, were the clothes on an adult female. The players of the game have been going back and forth over the issue of whether this happens to be a usual product of Eastern market MMOs, or whether this is just bait to make Western market paedophiles want to play the game more.

Because of this decision, it was decided to leave the Eastern game as is, while covering up the Western MMO Elin. Of course this has sparked anger, resentment, happiness, and every other emotion you can think of. Even the personalities of our own show have opinions. When asked about it, Galvion will get angry, saying they should not look like little girls wearing stripper clothing with wide, child-bearing hips. BloodEagle thinks that if you take the virtual character as it is, and play it for the artistic content, that it is not bad, but if you are looking at it in any sort of sexual way, you are a pervert, and Chaelura has stayed silent on the subject thus far. I did read somewhere that the consenting age in South Korea and Japan is 13, as opposed to the 16-18 range in the United States.

Frogster sat down with Eurogamer [source] and explained why it did what it did in an interview. It is worth the read if you have feelings on the subject in any way.

I am providing a video for you to look at, and we would love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject. Do you believe that they are opening up the door for something wicked, or do you believe they did the right thing in censoring like they did.

  1. gameshoes says:

    Eh, this has to deal with East Asian cultures a bit. In countries such as South Korea and Japan, school is a very large part of their lives and it becomes a hot topic for dramas, movies, comics, etc.
    In their comics (Japanese mangas are most widely known) you will often see the setting start out in the U.S. equivalent of middle school. That is essentially the ages 11-15. In the comics targeted for boys, there is usually one hyper-sexualized character who is in that age group who is usually on roid-rage in combat. I believe that’s what the ‘little girl’ race in TERA is trying to achieve.
    The target age group though is probably for those who had just graduated from high school. It’s not like young boys are going to pick up the game (do note that many people in East Asia don’t own computers and that’s why PC cafes are so popular) but the ones who have money are going to be the ones who had just graduated and are heading off to college or future jobs. Because they had just left the ‘school theme’ they may be willing to find ways to still be attached to it.
    Now this is just pure speculation but that’s what I think it is.

    • BloodEagle says:

      I believe now that our world has become joined more or less as one giant nation (when it comes to the internet and gaming) that we need to be careful when building something that we keep in mind other views and beliefs, not just our own. We also need to be aware of what may be considered taboo to others. On the flipside of that coin, I also think we ask customers need to sit back and take things at face value, and quit trying to find hidden meanings in things. Just because a gaming dev puts something in a game that is the norm in their culture, does not mean that we are supposed o take away from that that every person that plays the game is thinking of molesting small children, and that is why they were placed there.

  2. Michel says:

    I played a bit of Tera but I couldn’t care less about the characters’ look. Yeah sure all the females have huge knockers, look slutty and the Elins are like 13 years old girls with animal ears and fluffy tails, but when you’re actually playing the game, doing instances, killing stuff, grinding and whatnot, you never, ever look at your character. Heck, you’re not even looking at the people who are in your party. You just see numbers flying around, particles effects and people jumping everywhere. There’s no time to stare at those “13 years old girl” pixelated characters. Most people pick the humans or elves race anyway, you never see Elins that much.

    And yeah some of the gear you find in this game are creepy, the sexual vibe is over-the-top and the female characters really look like sluts. Although it’s just aesthetic, it adds nothing whatsoever to the game.

    >Do you believe that they are opening up the door for something wicked?
    I believe the Korean version was uncensored, meaning you were able to see a couple pixels of the female characters’ boobs.

    Who in the hell thought “This MMO we’re working on needs something more appealing to the player, maybe we should… I know, let’s add 3 pixels of areola on the female characters, that’ll be awesome!” Like, really? THIS is wicked. That someone in the game dev team thought about adding some nipples in their game, and all the others agreed. But now the game is censored and you can’t uncensored it, so it’s all good, thank god for that.

    Apart from the slutty and questionable gear you find ingame, there’s nothing creepy in this game. Seriously. It’s your usual Korean grindfest MMO with an heavy emphasis on combat, it’s ‘kill 10 stuff and come back to me to get some XP’ and the NPCs are really funny, there’s tons of pop culture references in the quests description etc. I can see why some people might be turn off by the aesthetics and the fact you can play with a *gasp*13 years old-looking anime girl, but since you’re actually doing nothing BUT grinding, you never look at those characters that much. Heck, you even spend 5 minutes tops in the character creation’s menu anyway.

    • BloodEagle says:

      Personally I am with you on that Michel, in the fact that when I play a game, I do so at face value, and do not look for a deeper meaning to every little thing. A conspiracy theorist I am not.

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