Episode 8 – LDG loves Angelina Jolie

Posted: April 20, 2012 by BloodEagle in Podcast
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(Released FRIDAY, April 20th 2012)
Deutsch: Angelina Jolie bei der Premiere von A...

Angelina Jolie

We had one of the many LDG Special Correspondents join us this week, Ivanhoe, fresh off his trip to the PAX East 2012. He wowed us with tales of games and Booth Babes, as well as some upcoming games. With many things happening to LDG, we got a chance to engage the fans, talk about some video games made into movies, as well as our shared love for Angelina Jolie. There were a bunch of good stories this week, and we ran through them a little quicker to try to fit under our 1 hour limit we have given ourselves. As usual, Michel had a great email to share with us that gave us a good reason to get a discussion going, and you can easily see from the picture to the right who won. Chaelura asked us about some video game quotes, and Galvion asked about our favorite weapon. As usual, we hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoy attempting to entertain you.


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In this episode…Your life is about to end, thanks to Guild Wars 2, Namco has balls of steel, EA allows you to play the games you paid for, The new Appeam console coming to you, and Link Dead Gaming gains some Steam. All of this and more will be covered on Link Dead Gaming. […]

Current weeks discussion

Chaelura has been playing:

  • Descent
  • Aion
  • The Secret War

Galvion has been spending his time in:

  • Aion
  • Dark Souls
  • Majora’s Mask

BloodEagle is messing around with :

  • Aion
  • Legend of Grimrock
  • Mostly a new game called: Make the show successful.
Next week’s game releases
  • Forge of Empires PC-Release Date: Apr 17, 2012
  • Botanicula PC-Release Date: Apr 19, 2012
  • Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet PC-Release Date: Apr 17, 2012
  • Deep Black PC-Release Date: Apr 18, 2012
  • MacGuffin’s Curse PC-Release Date: Apr 19, 2012
  • War Inc. Battle Zone PC-Release Date: Apr 19, 2012
  • Super Monday Night Combat PC-Release Date: Apr 19, 2012
  • Risen 2: Dark Waters PC-Release Date: Apr 24, 2012
  • UEFA Euro 2012 PC-Release Date: Apr 24, 201
This weeks Gaming News [20:50]
  • Guild Wars 2 first beta weekend for pre-order customers announced
  • Namco shows integrity, does not follow in Capcom’s silliness [23:00]
  • Origin eases restrictions for banned users, allows them to play their games [25:12]
  • [RUMOR] Apple and Valve may be partnering up for a revolutionary game console [29:08]

News from LDG website:
  • Cryengine 3.4 trailer [36:01]
  • EA to layoff 500-1,000 employees [38:36]
  • Link Dead Gaming creates a Steam Group [40:21]
  • Bethesda announces Dishonored [42:05]
  • Dark Souls pre-order now available [45:45]
Audience Feedback [48:50]

Hey LGD crew,

Just wanted to know your two cents about films based on video games. Got any favorite?

I gotta say I unironically love Street Fighter, I know this is a really bad and cheesy movie, but I still enjoy watching it nonetheless.
Even though the story doesn’t make any sense and the acting is atrociously bad, I can’t explain why I love this film so much.

Anyway, here’s another tough question for you guys:
Which video game would like to turn into a movie and which actor would you like to choose to play as the main character?



Shout Outs

Chaelura thanked the people visiting her blog.

Galvion has a poll on his blog.

Ivanhoe gave his twitter and facebook spots, as well as did a shout out to various people.

We closed by listing all of the ways you can get ahold of us, which can be found here with the wish that you join us next week.

  1. Galvion says:

    Reblogged this on Inside the Mind of Galvion and commented:


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  3. Whoa, I got a shoutout – I didn’t even answer Chaelura’s question. 😛

  4. Michel says:

    I’m sure you all know this but I guess you forgot about it, Ubisoft did a short film about Assassin’s Creed 2 called “Lineage”, using real actors (they all served as model for the characters in the game), and if haven’t watched it already, you can find the film on youtube for free on the Assassin’s Creed official YT channel:

  5. Mario Ivanhoe Abatiello says:

    whos that ivanhoe guy hes sexy

  6. gameshoes says:

    This isn’t from a game, but I would like to have the tuxedo [or similar] from the movie “The Tuxedo”. Kicking ass while being well dressed? That’s a winner.

  7. KB says:

    tombraider ftw.

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