(Released March 23rd 2012)

This week is a BIG show, running 1 hour and 16 minutes at its full length. Based on audience feedback, I am adding a new feature to the show notes this week, each segment will have a number beside it letting you know at which point in the show each segment starts. This will allow you to quickly find the segments that are of interest to you. If you are wondering what made this show so long, it is because there was some good info out this week, as well as the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.2 patch. We recorded the show as normal, only going over by 6 minutes, then if you listen past the end of the show, you will be able to sit back and hear the first part of the highlights of the 1.2 patch. Next week we will cover the remainder. While you are listening and enjoying yourself, do us a favor and follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, even leave us a comment so we know what you are enjoying, or not enjoying about the show. I hope next week the implement the Galvion Drinking game, and this week was devoid of a Golden Shovel award due to no one pissing off the audience.

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Episode 4

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On this episode…Bioware wants closure, Vanguard and Aion free for all, Dragon Age 2 says “That’s all Folks!”, Arenanet wants your money, Blizzard admits what we all knew, Your PC may have a Dark Soul, Skyrim DLC in the works, and We are being invaded by Pandas. All of this and more will be covered on Link Dead Gaming.. […]

Current weeks discussion

Chaelura has finished Mass Effect 3, and had quite a bit to say about it, as well as playing those Demon machines they call consoles while she enjoyed Silent Hill HD and Heavy Rain.

Galvion finished Mass Effect 3 as well, and also had quite a bit to say on the subject, as well as playing Ocarina of Time and Demon Souls.

BloodEagle is still chugging away Mass Effect 3, and is busy enjoying his Adept, as well as still playing SWTOR, and anticipating patch 1.2

Next week’s game releases
  • Rayman Origins March 29th
  • Dota 2 March 31st
  • Crusader Kings 2 March 30th
  • Quantum Conundrum March 31st
This weeks Gaming News [14:08]

Bioware to provide closure [Source]

Vanguard makes the F2P conversion this summer [Source]

Aion goes Truly Free April 11th [Source]

Bioware says No DLC for DragonAge[Source]

ArenaNet explains how Guild Wars 2 will make money from you [Source]

Will there be a Dark Souls port for PC [Source]

Is Bethesda planning a Skyrim DLC already [Source]

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta is coming [Source]

Tech News [56:26]

Review: SteelSeries World of Warcraft: Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse


If you play World of Warcraft, or ever plan on playing it, then SteelSeries has teamed up with Blizzard to create the ultimate MMO mouse for you. The World of Warcraft Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse has all the buttons, software, and bonus features to make any WoW junkie salivate at this niche-mouse.

Before I go any further, I must tell you that this mouse if BIG. Not just big, it should probably come with a sticker on it that says the mouse equivalent of “you must be this tall to ride this ride.” I pride myself on my giant-sized hands, my ring size is 15. I even joke to gaming friends that I will someday invent a keyboard that has 1” by 1” keys just for me. Even after all of that, I will still tell you that this mouse if big.

SteelSeries say that the idea of the design is to evoke images of Deathwing, the main character from the Cataclysm expansion and this look and feel comes with a higher quality top surface material which should be harder wearing than their original. The top of the mouse is made of plastic that is painted and molded to look like copper-plated armor—it even has a slightly worn look.The sides of the mouse have a soft rubberized plastic that is comfortable to the touch and good for gripping.


There are 14 buttons on the Cataclysm mouse with five located on the left side for your thumb, five up top surrounding your left and right button mouse button as well as the scroll wheel, then there is a single button on the right side for your ring finger. Each of the buttons is a suitable size and all are within reach of the appropriate digit if you have giant hands.

On the base of the mouse there are three feet which provide low friction movement and near the center is a laser sensor. This is the same 5000CPI sensor which SteelSeries use in their Xai mouse. Through the use of a USB connection with gold-plated connector and a braided cable SteelSeries have given this mouse a 16-bit data path and up to 1000Hz polling.

What you cannot see, but it is included in the mouse, is the use of on-board memory. This allows you to store your profiles/settings/configuration within the device itself, ensuring that wherever you go your ideal set-up for World of Warcraft is available to you.

The mouse comes with no way to increase its weight, and due to it’s plastic frame, it is very light. That will help it glide across the surface of your mouse pad very well, but if you like a heft in your mouse for gaming, or the ability to change its weight for certain gaming situations, you will be sadly out of luck.


While there is not a CD included in the box there are drivers available for download on the Steelseries website (under downloads). The download is not large and will not take long to install.

When you open up the program for the first time, you will notice a plethora of options awaiting your input. This section gives you the options to change what each button does, all 14 of them. There are a lot of options for each of these if you left-click you can assign a vast array of World of Warcraft only commands (There are probably nearly 100 different commands) or if you right-click you can access normal mouse commands. On top of this you can set-up profiles, and save to the onboard memory and yes you can alter profiles from the mouse. I feel I must point out that a very disappointing thing about this software is that Steel Series seems to want you to only use this mouse to play World of Warcraft and nothing else.

In the configurations, every button is mapped to a World of Warcraft in-game command, and nothing tells you what those commands actually are, so when you choose to map a button to “open inventory”, upon pressing it, the mouse will execute button press B, but there is no way for you to know that. If you decide to use this mouse to play all of your games, MMO, FPS, RTS, etc. you will need to have a list beside you of what every single World of Warcraft keybind is, to be able to know which in-game command corresponds to which button press.

While I’m not going to talk you through every button and option there are a few things to note; The CPI can be changed between 800,1600,2400,3200,4000 and 5000, giving a good variety. Also from the left hand side you can also alter the Windows mouse settings as well as an Advanced Sensitivity which is for the geekiest of the gamers.The right-hand side gives you access to the Button Assignment options (excluding standard ones) which include the Game Commands, CPI changing, Profile changing and the Custom Macros.Finally, in the bottom section, you can play with the colour of your mouse. Well not quite, but it does have 3 ‘V’ LED’s in the ‘metal’ part of the mouse. You can set up to 16 million different colors as well as adjusting the Intensity and Pulsation.

Price and Final thoughts:

This mouse will set you back anywhere from $75-$100 depending upon which vendor you buy it from. While I found the mouse to be amazing at fitting my hand, I was sorely disappointed by the fact that none of the buttons can be easily programmable, and the fact that it felt so plastic and light. In today’s theatre of gaming mice, it is not what brand you align yourself with that sets you apart, it is the ability for your customer to get what they need and want out of their mouse to eek out that extra bit of skill that puts them apart from other gamers. With the SteelSeries World of Warcraft: Cataclysm MMO Gaming Mouse and it’s lack of button customization, I do not believe they achieved that.

Audience Feedback [1:01:36]

Morgan writes,

Hey guys I love the show, but I have a question. Last week I cleaned my tower computer using the techniques taught to me by my best friend. After cleaning the computer I added new memory to it, two 1 gig sticks. After cleaning the computer I turned it on and it worked with no problem. I shut down the computer a week later and went to restart it and I got a loud beeping from the motherboard. I am kind of stumped as to what could have caused the problem. Do you guys know what might have caused this and how I can fix it?

Completely Stumped,
Morgan Robertson

Hey Morgan, we are happy to help you out. It sounds to me that while doing the cleaning was a good thing, that a piece of lint or dust came between the contact points of the RAM and its slot when you installed it. Here are the steps to take in remedying your problem:
Unplug computer and detach all external cables.

  1. Unplug computer and detach all external cables.
  2. Detach the RAm from the motherboard by pressing down simultaneously on the clips at each end.
  3. Clean out as much dust/dirt/lint as possible with a hose attached to a vacuum cleaner.
  4. Next, blow with a can of compressed air or a  hair dryer maintaining a distance of at least 1-2 feet.
  5. Connect all devices as before.
  6. Make sure you put the RAM in properly (refer to our guide on installing RAM in last week’s show).
  7. Turn the computer on and see if it works properly.

If for some reason this did not work, you can always attempt to replace the old RAM, which would indicate you have a bad stick of RAM or that you installed the wrong type (see Episode 1 for checking which RAM your machine takes), or if it is still beeping, you can check out http://www.computerhope.com/beep.htm, and compare your beeps to the chart.

In Closing

Shout Outs

Chaelura promises to start blogging more on our site and Galvion has some things coming up for the audience soon.

We closed by listing all of the ways you can get ahold of us, which can be found here with the wish that you join us next week.

Special Report – Star Wars: The Old Republic patch 1.2 [1:06:18]

Currently on the Public Test Realm for Star Wars: The Old Republic is the patch for game update 1.2. We will be doing a two-part show to cover all of these changes, and let you know the things you really care about. Let’s go ahead and jump right in, shall we?

General info

  • The new Legacy system has been added to the game.
  • Lost Island, a new Flashpoint, is available for play!
  • Explosive Conflict, a new Operation, is available for play!
  • Novare Coast, a new objective-oriented Warzone which supports same-faction matches if there are not enough members of the opposing faction on has been added to the game.
  • New daily missions are available on Corellia.
  • Guilds now have access to a shared Guild Bank, accessible on the Fleets, with expandable storage.
  • A new tier of gear has been added for both PvP and PvE.
  • Ranked Warzones are here!
  • Players can now customize their User Interface by moving and resizing UI elements!
  • A new level 50 World Boss has been added on Voss.
  • Players can now have notes on their friends list.
  • Vehicles can now be used on orbital stations and spaceports.
  • An option to increase the texture quality of character models has been added.
  • Color matching all viewable gear to your chest piece has been added.
  • You can now decide how many players to show on the screen to reduce lag.
  • On planets with an Orbital Station, players can now travel directly from the planet shuttle on the surface to their ship.
  • The Sprint ability is now available at level 1.

Companion Characters

  • Companion gifts are now stackable.
  • The cooldown associated with giving companions gifts has been removed. Giving a gift now has a 3-second activation time.
  • Your ship droid can now have a crew skill mod equipped increasing skill efficiency and success crits.
  • Your ship droid is now able to accept companion gifts.
  • Your ship droid will now talk less aboard your ship.
  • All companion marriages are now removed appropriately if the marriage ends.
  • Corrected an issue that caused weapons to display inappropriately beneath some Droid companions (like T7).

Crew Skills

  • Your companion will announce properly if they succeed or fail a crew skill mission.
  • On critical successes, crafted moddable gear now receives an Augment slot.
  • [Augmented] will replace the other suffixes on crafted items that were a critical success.
  • When crafting item modifications (mods, enhancements, etc), a critical success now yields double the quantity of modifications.
  • Endgame crafting materials are no longer bind on pickup, stack in your inventory, now drop less frequently but are freely tradable.
  • Augments can now be crafted by several professions.
  • The Crafting window now displays the correct number of items when crafting from a schematic that yields more than 1 item.
  • Players can now reverse engineer end game items for a chance at a schematic. Armor with a set bonus will not provide a schematic.
  • Crafted Vibroknives and shotguns can now be researched via reverse engineering.
  • Artificers can now reverse engineer relics, shields, generators, and foci.
  • Cybertechs can now reverse engineer all earpieces.
  • The chance of researching schematics via reverse engineering has been significantly increased.
  • Augments may now be reverse engineered for a chance to research their schematics by several professions.
  • Players can now decide how many items from a stack they wish to reverse engineer.
  • New schematics to create moddable ranged and melee weapons have been added to Armstech.
  • New schematics for Willpower-based shields have been added to Artifice.
  • Biochemists can now reverse engineer all implants.
  • Cybertech crafted vehicles are no longer bind on pickup.
  • Critical successes when crafting grenades now yield double the quantity of items for Cybertechs.
  • The cooldown on Cybertech-built grenades has been lowered to 3 minutes.
  • Additional lower-level light armor schematics have been added to Synthweaving.
  • Many gathering nodes that were spawning in unreachable places (such as underneath the world) are now reachable.
  • Augments gained by Slicers have been replaced by Sliced Tech Parts as a Slicing mission reward. These are consumed by Synthweaving, Armstech, and Armormech as a component for crafting Augments.
  • Slicing may occasionally yield Premium quality Augment schematics on critical mission success.
  • Mission Discovery items now indicate that they can only be used once.
  • Investigation missions now have a chance of yielding moddable tech weapon schematics as a reward.
  • Treasure Hunting missions now have a chance to yield moddable lightsaber schematics as a reward.
  • The chance to receive schematics from Investigation and Underworld Trading missions has been increased.

Items and Economy

  • Loot drops from endgame activities now take group composition into account.
  • The variety of stats and mods for new endgame items has been increased.
  • New vanity pets have been added to the game.
  • The cost of several relics has been reduced, some that were previously bound on pickup are now bind on equip, and several have had their level reduced by 1.
  • Items that are restricted by Valor or Social Rank can no longer be purchased until the player meets the rank requirements.
  • The required level for equipping the Imperial Trooper and Republic Officer outfits has been reduced.
  • The Male Formal Suit for Republic players. The Female Elegant Dress can now be purchased for Imperial players.
  • Sniper Rifles no longer drop for Republic players.
  • An issue that caused some items to be unlinkable in chat has been addressed.
  • The cost of Tionese gear (in crystals and commendations) has been substantially reduced.
  • A set of modifiable Techblades and Techstaffs has been added to the game.
  • The Galactic Trade Network’s commission for both neutral and faction-based terminals is now 6%.
  • Players can now remove Armoring modifications from items with set bonuses and transfer those set bonuses to moddable items. These modifications can only be transferred to an item that is equipped in the same slot.
  • A new modification set with Expertise for all item modification types has been added to the game.
  • High-end weapons found on Operation bosses now come equipped with more common color crystals. The special color crystals associated with high-end Operations are now separate drops.
  • High-end PvP weapons now come equipped with more common color crystals by default. Color crystals associated with specific PvP tiers can now be purchased separately from the PvP vendor.
  • Players with the “Razer” Green-Black color crystal may upgrade to a high-end version of this crystal via a vendor on Coruscant and Dromund Kaas.
  • New achievement missions that grant certain vehicles are now available on the Fleets.
  • The Korrealis Commander and Korrealis Baron landspeeders have been removed from vendors.
  • The Tirsa Prime speeder has had its cost reduced and is now available from the VIP vendor.
  • License costs for Vehicle Piloting rank 1, 2, and 3 have been reduced.
  • While credit costs for all 110% speed vehicles have been increased, the overall total acquisition cost for speeder licenses and vehicles at level 50 has been slightly reduced.
  • All vehicles that are not bound can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • New items purchasable with Black Hole Commendations have been added to Corellia.
  • The PvP items vendor now sells a grade 6 crafting PvP box that randomly rewards crafting materials as well as Mission Discoveries and Expertise color crystal schematics.
  • The Fleet commendation vendor now sells grade 6, 7, and 8 crafting material boxes that randomly reward crafting materials.
  • Vendors that sell items for Marauders and Sentinels have been added to the Fleets.
  • PvP vendors no longer sell Champion Bags.
  • PvP vendors now sell the Recruit set, a new entry-level PvP set (for level 50 players), for credits.
  • Battlemaster PvP vendors now sell Battlemaster gear pieces for Warzone Commendations.
  • The Valor Rank requirement has been removed from Battlemaster earpieces and implants.
  • New War Hero PvP vendors can be found on the Republic and Imperial Fleets.


  • New UI Customization features are now available! Players can customize their UI by moving and resizing UI elements.
  • The preference for “Show Sith Corruption” is now labeled “Show Dark Side Corruption.”
  • Shift-clicking a stack of items no longer links that item if the Chat Window is not active.
  • Players are now able to disable the Smart Camera in the preferences menu.
  • The mission reward panel no longer closes other UI panels.
  • Hovering over the LFG column in the Social Window now displays a tooltip showing the individual’s LFG message..
  • The /bow emote no longer loops when used.
  • Base crafted items can now be hyperlinked in chat.
  • A new option to suppress the Crew Mission reward window in Warzones has been added.
  • Items will now compare against all valid equipment slots.
  • Emotes no longer remove a player from stealth.
  • Players can now choose to view the targets of their group members in the group UI. This is disabled by default but can be edited in the “Edit Interface” mode.
  • Target of target can now be enabled for the player.
  • Players can now invite other players to their group via right-click menu from the guild roster.
  • Player class names now appear on the target frame.
  • When characters become hostile or friendly to the player, nameplates are now turned on and off as specified in nameplate preferences.
  • Dead characters and creatures no longer display a nameplate unless selected.
  • The Galactic Trade Network interface now supports text-based searches without category restrictions.
  • The Galactic Trade Network interface has been updated to support better filtering and faster paging.
  • The rarity drop-down in the GTN interface now contains an option for moddable items.
  • A “Slot” pulldown menu has been added to the GTN Interface for more specific item searches.

Join us next week as we cover patch 1.2 changes to classes and combat, PVP, Space combat, Flashpoints and Operations and Missions and NPCs.

  1. Fireskull says:

    Good information man. Good stuff and a way better design than my site’s. 🙂

  2. BloodEagle says:

    Glad that you liked it. We will do our best to maintain the level we are at now, and even ramp it up.

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