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Posted: March 4, 2012 by BloodEagle in Podcast
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Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration:...

2% perspiration

I believe that something well done is 98% preparation and 2% perspiration. If my calculations are correct then, our Pilot Episode should be spectacular! I have spent the last three weeks doing so much behind the scene work to make this Podcast excellent, and it has finally come time to see if it pays off. I would equate our Pilot with a baby Horse, just birthed from its mother, and trying to find its footing and walk. It very well might sound a slight bit shaky, but soon enough it will be running through the fields at a gallop.


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Pilot Episode

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Our Pilot starts off introductions of the hosts, a quick summary of what will be covered in this episode, and then it goes right into the meat and potatoes, if you will […]

This weeks Gaming News

Blizzard shedding 600 jobs, 60 of them development. [Source]

Guild Wars beta sign ups peaked at 4k a minute, and totaled over 1 mil. [Source]

Major changes to Anarchy Online coming. [Source]

Funncom dismantles Age of Conan’s crafting and starts over. [Source]

Hi-Rez Studios and NASL Announce First Showmatches of Tribes: Ascend to celebrate the open beta. [Source]

Assassin’s Creed 3 Announced for the Revolutionary War. [Source]

Valve said to be working on Steam Box gaming console with partners. [Source]

 After the in-game death of Statesman, the latest City of Heroes Producer’s Letter has been released by new Lead Producer Melissa “War Witch” Bianco. [Source]

Rift celebrates 1 year out with Carnival of the Ascended. [Source]

Current Games Discussion

Chaelura spoke this week about Esther, a Myst style of game that she is playing on Steam, and also spoke of her desire for the upcoming Mass Effect 3.

Galvion spoke of Skyrim and all of it’s mods as well as his decision not to play Mass Effect 3.

BloodEagle spoke about Star Wars: The Old Republic, his issues with it, and his hope that some of those issues get fixed soon. He also spoke about his time in Tribes:Ascend, and his anticipation for Mass Effect 3.

Tech News

Windows 8 Consumer Preview is released. [Source]

RAM – What type do you have:
A memory upgrade is the best way to speed up that slow computer, but the RAM stick aisle at your local computer parts retailer is a cold and scary place. A little pre-research is in order. You do not have to open your computer to see what you have installed, as there are a few ways you can go about figuring out the information easily.

The first type is System Information for Windows: Once you open it up, navigate to Hardware and then Memory on the left-hand pane, and you’ll see what type of memory is already installed in your computer.
Just click download at the top, scroll all the way to the bottom and click download next SIW Home Edition

The second way is to use Crucial’s Memory analyzer. They have put together an amazing website, combined with an optional system scanner tool that will detect the memory already installed in your computer the same way System Information for Windows does. If you bought your computer from a mainline manufacturer, you can use the Memory Advisor, or if you would like them to scan your system and figure it out for you, click the lower tab for system scanner and follow the directions.

Normally email and questions, but since this is our Pilot Podcast, we will do a little segment on gaming etiquette.

It’s an unfortunate fact that online gaming involves tolerating a remarkable amount of rudeness, vulgarity, poor sportsmanship, and plain old bad manners. Some game communities are a little more mature than others, but you can generally expect this sort of misbehavior in just about every multiplayer game you come across. I understand that people are largely anonymous online, and they can get very emotionally involved in the competition, but that’s no reason to throw out any semblance of politeness or decency. I’ve put together a few pointers on good online gaming etiquette, although I suspect the worst offenders aren’t likely to take notice.

Play Fair
Cheating and using exploits is an admission that you can’t win without them. Furthermore, you’ll find winning a fair fight a lot more rewarding. If winning is really important to you, keep practicing and learn from what successful players are doing. Should the competition prove to be too much for you, finding a different game is a better solution than cheating.

Be A Good Sport
Laughing at defeated opponents, bragging about your achievements, overdoing it with taunts and emotes, all make you look childish. The fact is, even children should know better. An appropriate emote used at the right moment can be a beautiful thing, but when it accompanies every encounter in the game, it turns into that much more mindless spam, which brings us to our next rule.

Don’t Spam
You really don’t need to hammer the chat system with WTS messages to sell an item, nor do you need to use every channel in the game when there is a channel dedicated to trade. If people aren’t interested, repeating a message in chat every 3 seconds isn’t likely to change that. Wait a minute or two, and maybe you’ll start to get through to a new audience.

Spare Us the Caps
C’mon people, this is a no-brainer that has been around since the dawn of the Internet – don’t use all capital letters in chat. It’s the text equivalent of yelling at everyone, and nobody wants to be yelled at.

You Were a Noob Too
Nobody can pick up a new game and instantly familiarize themselves with all its nuances and details. There are heaps of acronyms and slang particular to each game, and it’s absurd to expect people to know these things without a little help from other players. Someone once explained to you what was going on, now you can do the same, rather than simply telling them they’re “noobs” and leaving it at that.

A Little Teamwork, Please
If you’re part of a team, try to cooperate with your teammates a little. Rambo-style gameplay rarely pays off in a team-oriented game, so don’t expect your teammates to be right behind you when you go kamikaze into a gauntlet of enemies. Also keep in mind that actually winning the match is more important than being at the top of the scoreboard.

Don’t Be a Quitter
It’s amazing how often people will disconnect without a word when they’re losing, or drop out when their group encounter isn’t going well. If you don’t think you can win, surrender. If your instance run isn’t going well, try to work it out politely or offer some friendly advice. At times when your group isn’t up to the task, explain the problem to others without insulting them. You never know what kind of solutions people will come up with until you give them a chance.

Not Everyone Who Wins Is a Cheater
Just because another player kills you a couple of times does not mean that they’re cheating. As good as you may think you are at any game, there are likely a lot of players who are just as good or better than you are. If you’re as hot as all that, then start playing professionally in LAN tournaments where there is no way to cheat. If you’re almost certain that someone is cheating, report them to an admin and let them investigate rather than throwing around accusations you can’t back up.

Camping Is a Lame Tactic
Although some games encourage it, camping spawn points and corpses is generally a lame tactic. In many cases it’s only possible because of flawed game design, but it’s still a weak strategy that players with any dignity don’t resort to.

Ignore Insults
When someone insults you, your best option is to ignore them. If the insults persist, most chat and voice systems have ‘ignore’ functions to ensure that further communications from them are blocked. Returning the insults typically only escalates the exchange into something you’ll regret later.

Enjoy the Game
Games are meant to be fun, and if you can’t laugh it off when things go wrong, or forgive a team member for screwing up, then maybe it’s time for a break. Most of us have enough stress in our lives, we don’t really care to add a bunch of gaming stress to that. When you start taking it too seriously, it defeats the purpose of playing a game in the first place.

What do you think? Are there more rules we as gamers should be following? Comment on the Podcast and leave us your feedback.

In Closing

Shout Outs

Neither Chaelura nor Galvion had any projects going this week, but both said stay tuned in upcoming weeks.

We closed by listing all of the ways you can get ahold of us, which can be found here with the wish that you join us next week.


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