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A segment of a social network

Networking everything together

As I get everything setup and ready to go, I wanted to write a bit about it, and what comes along with it. Never having created a Blog or Podcast before, I did not really know what I was getting into, but I did know it would take some work to make it good. After garnering the DNS name, and creating a WordPress Blog to go with the Podcast, I attempted to put everything in order in my mind. It is my intention to create a Podcast that appeals to many levels of gamers, and I wanted that to be reflected in everything I created here. I went about setting up a facebook page just for the show. I created two separate Twitter accounts, one for me and one for the show because there may be times that I tweet something that is not show related. Getting everything to mesh together well has turned out to be the largest obstacle as these days we have so many social networking venues at our fingertips that the sheer act of attempting to hit them all can be mind-boggling.

I believe the goal of anyone that does this is probably to entertain, and it is important to me that as my audience, the end result you get is exciting, relevant, and lets you know that we are of the same mind concerning whatever topic it is that I am discussing. To that end, it is my hope that all of the backend production that I am doing or have already done helps to convey this to the audience. We are very quickly approaching our rehearsal, where I will get to see how well everything has come together, and I have been contemplating putting it up on the site for everyone to listen to and give feedback on. I think by doing this, it will encourage the hosts to put on their best performance, as well as allow what will become our audience to see what it was like at the beginning.

Well, off I go back to making sure everything is ship-shape before this bird really gets off the ground.

Spacewar!, an early computer game featuring sh...

Early Video Gaming

… video games were created, and they were good.

Not as good as the ones we have today though. Take three friends, a metric crap ton of gaming knowledge, and the desire to tell the world about it, and you get the Link Dead Gamers.

We invite all of you to go on an adventure with us through the Gameverse, as we explore what is coming, what we are currently playing, review some of what has just come out, help you with gaming tech, including building, troubleshooting, servicing, and getting the most efficient use out of your computer.

We also want you to be a part of it all, so we will over time go from using listener comments and emails, to doing a live show with you the listener calling us.

There will be more to come, a LOT more, so thank you for being a part of this with us.